Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Pardon me
life is going to fast for 2 months ago, being such a bad blogger (again)
don't know it because of my activity or my lazziness.maybe both?:p

selama 2 bulan kadang nengok blog, mau nulis terus hilang ide.
daripada sekarang ilang ide lagi, mending update hal2 yang terjadi 2 bulan ini:)

1. I'm a mom-to-be right now, 15 weeks already:)

2. Alhamdulillah, officially become a general practioner now, getting an internship program at Poronogo

3. TokoKainOnline was on long hiatuss..hopefully I can sell fabric as soon as possible (ohh, i miss being a seller :p)

4. So many people email me, ask about wedding organizer that i'm used. will reply your email beautiful girls:) and wait  for other review..maybe about the prewed photoshoot?:D

okay, like the blog title.mini updates. will blogging more often :)) Amin.

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