Thursday, February 2, 2012


one of my friends asked me to make a scarf for her hijab style. when it was finished a shawl, she asked me to make more for other friends. and I thought why not try to sell it to others?

I took my old label that is no longer in use and then begin to choose the base color color
and here, the old label appears for new products
rhoemz by fabricfame

plain scarf size 200x57 cm
I sold it to friends at cheap prices
why? because the edges of scraf is still less neat in my opinion. in the future may then be more presentable and neat

o yes, I do not sew it myself because I do not have a  specific machine to do it . I asked my tailor to create a subscription. but still home made off course:)
me using pale pink scarf:)

if anyone interested can email me or sms at 085-725-360-150 [arum]
while only on sale for close friends. may be expanded
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