Thursday, January 5, 2012


since I have an interest to craft, i'm trying to learn about it
I made a decision to bought a portable sewing machine in 2009,  a cheap price for  various facilities in one machine
but what the function of great machine without any skill from the operator?
that's why it didn't work better for me.the machine just stay at corner of my room

when mom's ask me, what kind of goods I want to buy as my bonus [mom's always give me a reward if I got some achievement, have good behaviour..she do it since i'm 4 yo:)) ]
I tell her, i want a sewing machine..but the mini version:)

so,here we go..
welcome to rexy, the brand is rex actually but let's call it rexy. to make it a little bit cute
open the packaging,quickly:)

wohohoho, she is look soo classic

rexy is so sexy..she is red!:)

welcome rexy.please accompany me to be a better person:)

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  1. iihh .. lucu mba arum :)
    itu bisa macem2 jaitan ato cuma 1 ?? *tertarik buat beli juga*

  2. [mb piena] sayangnya cuma bisa 1 jahitan mba pienaa:D kalau udah jago beli yang besar sekalian aja mba.tapi kalo masih pemula kayak saya mending yang kecil2 duluu:D


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