Friday, January 13, 2012


This is the day for doing my semi final exam
try out is kinda like a exam for the real in februari, heart beats so fast now
but I'm trying to be calm and let it flow:)
read and learn are enough, and this morning I just want to relaxing my mind and body.watching tv series, eat some bread and drink a cup of tea.

but when this package is come, I can't stop to smiling and screaming:))
yay! I ever read an article from fashionesse daily about this site
you know, I have a sensitive skin because of atopic, so choose the right cosmetic is one of the hard part to take care my skin.
viva have a  hypoallergic agent for their cosmetic.and the price is so cheap ;p thats why I love them 

just go to their website and try a lucky sign up like me:) *exactly, I think they will send for all of us,so we all lucky woman:D *

happy weekend all:*
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