Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In my city, as late 8 or 9 years ago there was a cool tradition:))

Every Ramadan or before the day of independence, there is competition kentongan

What is kentongan? in other areas is often referred to as a musical instrument that serves as an alarm for night patroling. we called it "ngeronda"

But in purwokerto city, where I come from, this kentongan tool in combination with other instruments,made a beautiful harmony.they played mostly folk songs, but there are also spiritual songs

and a more exciting, this kentongan group being a competition each year. from the smallest up to one city purwokerto.

This makes a good community. harmonize the same as learning a musical instrument, to create a harmony of sounds crowded but beautiful

each return home, certainly at a time to watch this show. although until the early morning:)

love tradition so much;D


  1. wahhh seruuu.. udah lama gak ada acara tradisional kayak gitu di rumahku..

    hihihi.. btw selamat yaa arummm :**

  2. gotta be proud of our own culture <3

    anyway, i have an opi giveaway on my blog, would you like to join it? ^^

  3. [enno]iya noee,kapan2 main lah ke purwokerto.nanti aku jamu:)) pas agustusan nanti bisa nonton yang beginian:D

    [stella] i think i'm late, padahal ngefans sama walk to your place kalo gitu:)


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