Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know, many of us didn't have that long holiday like our goverment annouced in friday.
maybe you have a particular job outside, or lsame like me? a college student who have to obey our campus's rules.
I didn't have that super holiday. in monday, I must came to hospital.
Yap, because of a hospital is like a public service so even there is a "harpitnas" outside ther, we ignore it, and still doing our noble mission, to help sick peoples *tsahh!;))*

anyway, because this is my short holiday. I exactly, have a big plan to travelling around this small city, take some picture and have lunch in other place.
but plan is just plan.....

I just wake up lately, have a fast fatty breakfast
and..doing my assigment for this station[ I'm in the oto-rhino-faringo-laringology station now].how beautiful it is..*pencitraan*

-wajah pencitraan sekali-
after finished, I'm searching for another activity,and found this long sleeves t-shirt

-my old "buluk" t-shirt-  

I love tweety, do I ever tell you?tweety is my first doll when I was a child
I love that bright yellow colour
because of that just old t-shirt, I have an idea to turn it into something.based on inspiration from oma anna, I want to change it become many of things

and this two of them..

my phone's case:)

and a plushie keychain[is it really plushie? I don't know,but it's "empuk".so I call it plushie]

I cant be patient to make another handmade things from my old tweety:)

keeping trying to make handmade

happy holiday for all:D


  1. [mb ira]hahaii:* makasih mba iraaa...*kecup kecup*

  2. ide keren!

    (*lari terbirit-birit ke lemari obrak-abrik pakaian tua)

  3. [mas pau]ayo mas pauu:)) di buat plushie2 keren kayak yang kemarin2:D *menyimak blog nya mas paulus*

  4. hehe,ayok mba;) bikin yang lucu2 juga;)


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