Wednesday, May 4, 2011


take a look for my fabricfame's new collection

papua batiks!

strongly recomended for you who had a little bored with a 'common' batiks

ps: sorry for the bad bad english language esp. grammar.I'm learn to used it fluently:)


  1. Keren mbak :) :thumbup
    aku paling suka yg warna cream dan bercorak burung hijau merah itu.

  2. yups... i collect papua batiks too..
    just tried the green and reds from mine into headpiece haha
    they're adorable..but yeah..the cotton quality is less than the other i know so far. isnt it?

    hohoho ^_^

  3. [dweedy]iya..kalo aku personal, sukanya yang ada rumah honai papua nya:)lucuu

    [deperta]thats right mba;) the fabrics have a soft texture, but a little bit rigid in the other hand..have you knoe the manufacture is come from solo? I was laughing at that time mba, when know the fact.its just too near from us.hihi.but I do really love batiks;)

  4. BATIK is just awesome!!
    favoritku saat ini : batik Madura :D
    pas di Inacraft aku mupeng ngeliat deretan warna-warni batik Madura , tapi mahaaal :D

  5. haha yeah i know ..
    one of my friend runs this business and design these stuff. my friend created those into silly herghs costume too ( really weird duff..hehe)
    yeah so i just ask her for free sample
    ( hehe :nggamodal: mode on )

  6. mbak... aku ngasi award ya :)


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