Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Makes Perfection? Practice does

I'm done with all thing this busy busy week. Passed them with smile and a little bit cry
but everthing is ok.
saturday afternoon was so good for me.
have a cup of coffe, saw a korea film..such a cozy homy yummy time

and this afternoon, I tried to make something again..
at least, the title is try..hihihi

Yah, I'm fully inspired by crafter blogger for almost 1 year. Even I know, i'm not the girl who have "ten creative fingers"

I can examine you with my stetoscope or something around them. make a diagnostic about your problem and finished them with gave you a prescription.

but make a crafty things?I'm trying pals:D

and this is what I did:

-fabric scrap, can't choose right colour-


---fabric brooch---

--rossette ring--

play with kid again:) I gave it to her.

you know what make perfection? practice does
promise it to my self

ahh, can't wait to make anythings else

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