Tuesday, April 19, 2011


thank you sooo much for my lovely sweety beautifully friends
thats means alot for me when you wanna join the giveway:))

btw, this is my 2nd day of "Indahnya Liburan"

I went to goverment offices to processing my civilization card
did it with a clean process, without any cheating or else

exactly, somebody on that office, offered me to 'cut' the process with give him money, about idr 150.000,-. He said that my civilization card will be ready on 2 days
but I refused it, and you know what, until the end of process [ write down the letter, took a photo for that card and queued for payment], I just paid idr 17.500,-

what I've learn today?
I love to learn being a good citizen even my cards will be ready for one weeks not 2 days:)
Its easy when we want to follow the process, be patient and cheers up in that office
insya Allah, its really easy[and also cheap..hahaha..I can but a bow of meatball after that]

in this afternoon, I want to make a plushie like this

and this is the result

{kamu kurus kering sekalii nakk:)) }
hahaha, you know, why I adore a crafter so much? because I realized, it's hard to make a unique things like the first picture:) but I'm still learning

will make better and bigger than the first one

happy indahnya liburan..dont forget to join this:


  1. Waw! Kreatif sekaliii.. Saya suka bikin beginian tapi seringkali kalah sama mood. T_T


    Btw, saya boleh ikutan giveaway-nya?
    Salam kenal yaahh.. :)

  2. [mba ethie] bolehhh sangatt mbak:D silahkan silahkan...salam kenal yaa, klik aja link giveway nya buat meluncur ke tempatnya langsung:)


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