Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To My Bosch, Mr.Z

Funny, considering that our first meeting is when I became a strong woman. Not as usual I was in front of other men. I never thought I met a man like you.
You look very charming at that time, especially the smile and eyes.
And I'm grateful, there's nothing changed until now ..
Three years of our relationship ..

Thank you for all your understanding ..
I know, it's very hard to keep up, someone like me who are still childlike.
Thank you for all your concern ..
I know, it's very difficult to meet all my request, which continue to increased when you're trying to fulfill it.
Thank you for all your support,
I know,it's very difficult to understand my world, my job, the risk around it
Thanks for all the valuable lessons from you
I know, I've become a woman, wiser , it just because of you

and in the 3rd years to our relationship ..
I never felt dissapointed with you
I'm blessed, have a great boyfriendl ike you

Come home soon bosch ...
I have 25 pieces special coupon for you .. for a boyfriend like you dear .. you can use this coupons without any expiration dates ..Hope you like it when we meet up;)

..I love you..

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