Monday, July 5, 2010

haiyah!start new of ME

8 months without write anything..what a bad blogger I am :D

I've been so bored with my rutinity right now,.
going to the hospital, check up patient, make their progress report, learn how to improve my skill..I love to be a young doctor (dont know what's english version of dokter muda atau koass^^) honestly..but with this rutinity..I feel like a robot..

But there is a miracle today..I read one of my favourite blogger Dianarikasari (after long time no blogwalking or other activity of blogging) and I found my soul again (thanks k' Di)

I will wrote my day,my patient, my work, my craft..everything, everday(insya Allah) with two of language..Indonesia and English..

It will fill my day..

It will fill my soul.


  1. I'll wait for your post :)
    ayo semangat !!

  2. oh ya, I'm your follower now
    kalo ada waktu mapir ke blog-ku ya :)
    ada giveaway sampai tgl 19 Juli 2010


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