Wednesday, December 2, 2009


December has come ...
More days into the new year. I perform a test for my medical school. The test are many case of emergency that makes me dizzy. But now, after it's over dan done (hopefully, I can pass the exam with a good mark)... time to relax and enjoy life ..
Me and some friends went to the movies with four dimensions, and I love wearing this sunglasses ..

me on green dress..big sunglasses ya?my outfit- dark green veil, green knitted dress.D-i-Y brooch

In fact,on December, I was reviewing my 2009 resolutions,, thesis, KKN (a kind of working practices in the community), writing articles and won it, made an online store. all had been done.

Only one who has not, learning to drive a car ..
yes! I was 21 years old and can not drive a car. was a little embarrassing.But in my country that is rarely has vehicles such car. dominated motorcycle.And me, as a college student, always used my motorcycle everywhere, everytime.

So, for the month of December this .. my list is:
1. learning to drive a car
2. rebuild business online and offline
3. make a lot of DIY projects
4. become more stylish (hahaha, yes ... as long as I feel,I'm a little more plain in the dressing)

positive, polite, prepared

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    boleh, sebutkan sumbernya
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