Monday, November 9, 2009


Brightfull day
Big grin...
And plenty of idea in my brain..

Today I went to bank and took my saving for almost two years..Yah, I decided to buy a big stuff for me, for my future, and my future family(husband,children, and me;)
what is that?

-yamata feiyue series-

About two month I think and discuss it with my BF, could I buy that sewing machine or no. I can't sew, in fact.But, I really love pattern, clothes by tailor made, any kind of handmade stuff. So I will buy it..tommorow...Hope, it can help me to be a good make something sweet advantageous adn the important is, by my self..amin

Hoya...this is my handmade project today. I sell it on my college. Some friend loves it, but some people laughing when I become a bussiness woman there. Yaa..I lived and learn on a 'high class' enviroment,but I know...If I can become an independent woman, earn money by my self, always creative and smart...Yay!

brooches--handmade by me
I sell it for $ 0,4- $ 1,5
in rupiahs IDR 3.000,00-IDR 15.000

i love felt, wool, bright colour

-with stuff on the plastic- day I will tell about the machine and my selling time...
Nice nite all


  1. GREAT!!! So glad that you bought a sewing machine... Can't wait to see some finished projcts using your new machine..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)


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