Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's endless summer here..No spring, no fall especially no winter...Always summer.Why?Because I lived in a country that is a tropical one.Maybe not like a hawaii there, but every noon you can look and feel how brightfull the sun.

Summer for everytime make me crazy.Like this sunday afternoon, sun still spread their ultraviolet to earth, And I can't go anywhere..I'm doing a blogwalking and AHA! I found my guilty pleasure to spend out my time.Why i don't make a blog to post everthing I think, I did, I made, I read, and I shoot in my life?

Hopefully, I'll make recent post to this blog and also, try to took many advantages from other..(I really love read somebody blog whose give me an inspiration:)

Here I am, with my first project to make my endless summer cheerfully^^

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